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There are many reasons why the Costa del Sol has long been known as one of Europe’s best resort areas, drawing millions of visitors from around the world.

But this stunning part of the Mediterranean coast is much more than a fabulous vacation spot or a popular tourist destination rich in natural beauty and historical landmarks.

Stretching along the southernmost region of Spain, the Costa del Soll — anchored by such a vital business and transportation hub as Malaga — boasts an array of enticing investments opportunities. Lately, it has also significantly broadened its horizons to attract a new breed of professionals who are not tied to a specific geographical location to do their job.

A good place to retire? — Ticking all the right boxes

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When a reader asked recently for some advice on the best place to retire, topping her wish list were such things as dry summer weather and easy access to hiking, biking, water sports and year-round outdoor living. The reader, Lucy, also wanted to be close enough to art and culture; she also didn’t like cold, snowy winters. No snow, low humidity? — That “pretty much rules out the eastern half of the US,” she was told.

The pluses of a warm but dry weather were among the issues that came up in a recent list by US News and World Report on the “Best Places to Retire in the US, in 2022-2023”.

While eight Florida towns were among the top-20 choices, the magazine pointed out that in places like Tampa, for example, the summer brings intense humidity, daily rain showers, high temperatures and occasional hurricanes.

In contrast, the Costa del Sol will easily tick off most of the boxes on Lucy’s wish list.

It would be a safe bet to say that such “must-haves” as comfortable weather year-round, the sea, the outdoor lifestyle, the closeness to culture were among the factors that motivated tens of thousands of foreign residents from different parts of Europe to move here.

For many folks in the US, however, it looks like the charms and benefits of this area, including its cost of living, are yet to be discovered.

While there may be differences in the figures cited by various “Spain-vs-country X” comparisons, the overall conclusion is clear: life in Spain is very affordable.

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“On average, the cost of living in Spain is 123% cheaper than in the USA… The biggest differences in cost are in rent, utilities, groceries, daycare and health insurance.”

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Getting a Long-term visa


Spanish residency

For a retiree contemplating a move to Spain, whether to settle long-term, or to invest in a property for occasional use, there are two main types of residency programs.

The first rather simple option is known as the “non-lucrative” visa. To qualify, one needs to show proof of recurrent passive income from being self-employed, pensions, or investments of at least €2,316 a month ($2,400), or to provide proof of an annual amount of €27,792 ($29,000) in your bank account.

If there’s a dependent family member coming with you, you’ll need to add roughly an additional $7,220 a year to that total. This visa comes with two conditions: you cannot work for an employer in Spain (hence the “non-lucrative” moniker), and you need to reside in the country for no less than six months a year.

The second type is the so-called “Golden Visa”, also known as the property visa. In a nutshell, to get it one needs to buy a property (or properties) in Spain with a total value of at least €500.000 (in ready funds, without mortgage). The Golden Visa, which covers the applicant, the spouse and dependent children, comes without minimum stay requirements and gives you the right to work in Spain. (Beyond the purchase of property, it can be also obtained through several types of larger investments starting at €1,000,000).

Both visas require proof of private health insurance in Spain, a clean criminal record with fingerprints, and a doctor’s statement confirming good health. Both can be renewed after one year and after five years, if you do live in Spain, you become eligible for permanent residence.

The Buzz: From New Job Choices to Real Estate Deals

There’s been a flurry of upbeat headlines lately generated by the city of Malaga and the eponymously named province famous of its stretch of picturesque resort towns along Spain’s Sun Coast, or the Costa del Sol.

And the reason is not just the success of its renowned tourism and holidaymaking business.

The area has become a magnet for international players of a different kind. In what many experts see as a momentous development, major international companies are opening their regional hubs, offices and distribution centers here, while so-called digital nomads find it a welcome place where they can work remotely. Meanwhile, foreign buyers — both investors and expats — continue to snap up Costa del Sol properties at a brisk pace.

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What are the reasons behind these developments?

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