Even more choices now on Madrid-Malaga high-speed train line

Spain's Renfe adds new service to Madrid-Malaga high-speed rail linePin

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Already, getting from Malaga to Spain’s capital has been easy, fast and affordable. But it’s now getting even more so as new entrants compete to add high-speed rail services between Madrid and the capital of Costa del Sol.

On June 1, Renfe, Spain’s leading rail company, launched its ALVO low-cost service to Madrid and several other major cities around Spain, including Sevilla. According to the company, these trains travel at a speed of over 180 miles an hour and are equipped with more than 350 reclining seats.

And, by the way, the price of a Malaga-Madrid ticket on a AVLO train? – Around $8, without sacrificing any of the comforts, says the company. The trains feature free Wi-Fi, have spaces for luggage and facilities for people with reduced mobility.

In a related – and welcome — development, Sur, Costa del Sol’s popular English-language newspaper, reported a sighting of a test-run by Ouigo, a French low-cost rail operator, which is preparing to launch its own high-speed service between Madrid and Malaga.

All of this comes on the heels of another recent high-speed train launch. In March 2023, Iryo became the first private operator to offer travel between Madrid and Malaga. Iryo brand features dashing “red arrow” trains, Frecciarrosa 1000.  

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