Location: A Classic Win-Win

‘close to everything’

While preserving its distinctive charm and identity, Benalmádena takes advantage of being part of a large metropolitan area anchored by Malaga City. And Malaga is the perfect gateway to the whole of Costa del Sol.

A major international airport, high-speed trains, first-rate motorways, mega malls, big-box stores, all are close at hand and easy to reach — without being too close for comfort.


A glimpse of geography

Benalmádena , as it’s spelled in Spanish, is a town in one of the world’s most famous resort areas — the Costa del Sol, or the Sun Coast. 

Conveniently, it’s located just south-west of Malaga, a city rich in history and culture, as well as a leading center of science, business and education. Malaga is the capital of a large province that bears the same name and stretches along the southernmost part of Spain’s Mediterranean coast. Malaga is also known as the capital of Costa del Sol. 

A gray schematic map of Andalucia (Andalusia) showing Malaga and other provincesPin

For its part, Malaga is one of the eight provinces comprising Spain’s most populous “autonomous community,” Andalusia (spelled Andalicia in Spanish). Andalusia’s other world-renowned cities include Seville, its capital, as well as Granada and Cordoba.

Andalusia is Spain’s second largest Autonomous Region, covering nearly 34,000 square miles (a little smaller than Indiana, a tad bigger than Maine). On its own, Andalusia is larger than such countries as Austria, Belgium or Switzerland.

Location tidbits… From Benalmadena, you are close to Gibraltar, a geographical landmark where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea. Gibraltar is only 70 miles away, going south-west. But if you were to head north-east, it’s just about 110 miles to a popular ski resort in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

From Benalmadena, going places is easy

Ideal home base to explore Spain, Europe

A busy scene at the Malaga-Costa del Sol international airportPin

Ease of getting to a major airport, railway station or interstate highway is an important factor in determining whether your town is conveniently situated.

In that sense, Benalmádena is in an ideal location: Malaga, the region’s major transportation hub is close at hand, and from there you can fly or take a train to key destinations in Spain, or elsewhere in Europe.

Want to go by car? — No problem: Spain’s famed network of highways is within a quick and easy reach from the city.

The Malaga–Costa del Sol international airport is just a 20-minute train ride (7-mile drive) from Benalmádena. From there, you’re only about a 3-hour flight from many key European destinations.

Malaga’s high-speed train hub: a 30-minute train ride, or an 11-mile drive to downtown. From there, a ride to Seville — 1.5 hours; to Madrid — around 2h 40 minutes
Some famous places to drive for (in miles): Marbella – 22; Ronda — 65; Gibraltar – 75; Granada — 90; Cordoba — 110; Seville — 130.

the rewards of proximity

Malaga, A ‘Stunning Corner’ of Andalusia, at Your Fingertips

Visit Malaga and “you’ll soon see why the world’s eyes are turning to this stunning corner of Andalucia,” Forbes Magazine wrote recently, echoing a widely shared sentiment.

Malaga has been getting strong recommendations as a must-see destination – and not just because of its wonderful climate, golden beaches, rich historical past or the reputation as the birthplace of such celebrated figures as Pablo Picasso or Antonio Banderas.

Malaga Cathedral is a Renaissance gem whose history goes back to the 15th centuryPin
Multicolor modernist building is the home of the Malaga branch of Paris' Centre Pompidou, a highlight of Costa del Sol art scenePin

Many stress that over the past several decades Malaga has managed to “reinvent itself” by building on its storied past and cultural heritage to become a truly modern metropolis. It’s a cosmopolitan city with top-notch infrastructure and transportation network, a cultural center and a culinary mecca.

In other words, it’s a thrilling and bustling big city that’s so good to have right next door. So, the famous real estate slogan — “Location, location, location!” — is a good fit for Benalmádena.

it’s a good Neighbors

A Tale of Four Cities

Sandwiched between two modern Costa del Sol resort hotspots, Torremolinos and Fuengirola, Benalmadena benefits from easy access to their numerous attractions while managing to retain its signature residential ambience and comfort. Mijas, another popular destination, is right next door.


In the late 50’s, Torremolinos led in the development of the area’s tourist industry and turned into a magnet for the world’s famous and eccentric.

Citing a recent book on its history, Spain’s leading daily El Pais described Torremolinos as “the epicenter of the golden years” of Costa del Sol and the stage of “a party that seemed to have no end and no beginning.”

In different eras, celebrities flocking to Torremolinos included Salvador Dali, John Lennon and The Beatles manager Brian Epstein, movie stars Brigitte Bardot and Sean Connery, and Frank Sinatra and his wife Ava Gardner, to name a few. 

Just west of Benalmadena lies the city of Fuengirola with its 5-mile stretch of sandy beaches along the promenade lined up with a variety of hotels, restaurants and bars. The bustling town is famous for its festivals, concerts, holiday celebrations and a large antique flea market. Fuengirola boasts a lively dining scene and nightlife, with a choice of bars, disco pubs and clubs.

Fuengirola’s Bioparc zoo is a fun place for all ages. The home for over 200 species, some of them endangered, Bioparc recreates their natural habitat and creates a real sense of immersion for visitors.
Mijas Pueblo breathtaking viewsPin

Mihas and Mihas Pueblo
Adjoining Fuengirola, is the municipality of Mijas, which boasts excellent beaches along the coast, as well as one of the iconic Andalusian white villages, the Mijas Pueblo, a little higher up in the mountains. It’s one of Cost del Sol’s must-see attractions.

Roughly a 20-minute drive from Benalmádena, Mijas Pueblo is a fantastic place to visit at any time and for whatever reason. There are breathtaking views all around, a great variety of boutique stores to browse and restaurants and bars to quell your hunger and thirst. There are also all kinds of activities throughout the year — festivals, concerts, flamenco shows, you name it — to keep you entertained.

not to be overlooked

Shopping choices abound

From trendy malls to handy home improvement stores
In Benalmadena, all of the essential shopping can be done locally.

All around, you will find a great variety of grocery and convenience stores, or fruit and vegetable markets, often within walking distance from your residence.

But large supermarkets, such as the Spanish Mercadona, the French Carrefour or the German Lidl and Aldi, are also close by, just a quick drive from pretty much anywhere. As are popular home improvement centers, such as the German Bauhaus or French Leroy Merlin.


But what if you feel like doing some luxury shopping in a premier mall or department store? (And you certainly should, if you’re staying in the Costa del Sol).

No te preocupes, as they say in Spain. No worries: there are many great choices within roughly a 30-minute drive from Benalmadena. Or a 15-minute train ride, as is the case with the highly popular Plaza Mayor (TripAdvisor’s 2022 Travelers’ Choice).

Or perhaps you want to enjoy a shopping expedition to one of the premium stories of El Corte Ingles, a leading European retail group? There are several easy to reach locations in Malaga and Marbella, as well as a number its outlet centers.

6 reasons why Benalmadena’s spot in Costa del Sol is hard to beat

Well, it’s location, location, location…

Proximity to a major international airport and convenience of getting there. A win on both counts. From downtown Benalmadena, the airport is roughly 11 miles away. It’s only a 20-minute ride on the local train, which stops within walking distance of the terminal. The fare? About $2.20 one way. And from the Malaga airport, you can hop and a plane and reach different parts of Spain — or a European country of your choice — in less than three hours in most cases.
Closeness to a thriving modern city with rich historical, cultural and entertainment offerings. Malaga has been winning accolades on all of these points — and more. And it takes only about 30 minutes to get to downtown Malaga from Benalmadena — by train or by car. Getting there by bus is also easy (and cheap), although it may take a little longer.
Availability of convenient and affordable train service — both local and intercity. Train service in Spain is generally convenient, efficient and affordable. In the Benalmadena area, the local service runs along the Costa del Sol coast from Malaga in the east to Fuengirola if you’re heading west. Malaga, meanwhile, has a major rail station where high-speed bullet trains provide easy and fast connections to key cities in Spain. NOTE: Unlike Benalmadena, Cost del Sol’s well-recognized hot spot of Marbella does not have a direct rail service to the Malaga airport.
Great towns and fun places within a 30-mile drive radius. Besides Malaga, Benalmadena is located within an easy driving range of several popular destinations that offer a wide array of attractions and things to do. The famous Marbella is about a 27-mile drive westward along a fantastically scenic highway that runs along the shore. On the way, you will pass the delightful towns of Fuengirola and Mijas. Going east toward Malaga, you will drive straight through Torremolinos.
More fabulous places to visit within a 90-mile drive radius. The roads are great, and the drives are usually fast and easy. Even on a day trip, if you like, there is no problem going on a family trip to visit such amazing destinations as Ronda, Estepona, Gibraltar, Granada or Nerja.
Good shopping choices nearby? — Lots of options to choose from. Beyond the essential shopping that can be easily done locally, the area offers a fantastic array of choices for every taste and budget, including premier malls and premium department stores. And the beauty of the location — you don’t have to travel far to get there.

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